Appstore publish settings: Iphone, Ipod and/or Ipad?

goku9001goku9001 Member Posts: 33
Hi all,

Sorry for my poor english...
I am an Italian designer/webmaster with passion for games, and during the last 4 months I have developed a platform-game with Gamesalad (great program!) and I have submitted it to the Appstore a few minutes ago.
During submission I have had to accept the compatibility not only with Iphone/Ipod but also with Ipad. I say "I had to" because I have no access to info.plist file that must be changed according to Apple's Developer Guide, to restrict the binary to a specific platform.
Is it just my paranoia or could it be a real problem? What have you done to solve the problem (if this is a problem)?
Thanks for help!


  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    Your game for iphone is coded for iphone ipad by game salad
    this is done in game salad by choosing which platform when you create your game file that you zip up (iphone, web, mac, ipad)

    You will be fine
  • goku9001goku9001 Member Posts: 33
    Thanks! For a while I have had fear :)
    I hope my game will be approved!
  • DaneC020DaneC020 Member Posts: 90
    What if your game is for the iPad and can not be ran on the iPhone due to performance limitations? I could not restrict the other devices as well and would have liked to be sure when submitting... My app has been under "Review" Since last friday now and still no change in its status, starting to get a little worried since I have heard the iPad reviews usually go fairly quickly. My iPhone version is still "Waiting for review" but I have had to wait for 20 days before so I am not too worried yet about that one.

    Thanks for the responses guys, I wish we could just get the xcode project back. If Gamesalad, maybe you can add a info.plist upload spot in the submission page as well. Default to the current one if nothing is uploaded?

    Just a thought, great tool though. First game on here and went smooth as silk.

  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,211
    iPad games and iPhone/Touch games are different. You don't have to edit the plist. The binaries are different.

    Apple's server detects whether it is for iPad or for iPhone/Touch.

    An iPhone/Touch game will work on an iPad but not vice-versa.
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