Learning curve to get my first Game App done with Windows and publish it in App store and itunes ?

Hello, I am fairly new and would like to know how easy it is to get my first game app published. Here is my "Game" plan:
- I would download a template
- Change the graphics
- Use the Windows Gamesalad creator

Would a "newbie" like me be able to make it work and get accepted in the App stores like that ?
Thanks for the help


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    First stop on your game plan: http://cookbook.gamesalad.com

    Sure, anyone starting out can accomplish getting their app onto the market. Whatever you do, don't just hop into a template or tutorial without covering the fundamentals of game salad first (the Cookbook), it could save you from a lot of headaches and stress.
    If you have already checked out the Cookbook, then I'd suggest checking out the various GameSalad (and GS for windows) videos on youtube to get a feel of what's coming. Also, if you know what types of gameplay features or effects you want to implement, there is likely a video made on that topic, check those out and then dive into your project.
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    My personal advice is as follows:

    Do you want to be a game "Creator" or just a game "Publisher"?

    If you want to be a Creator, my advice is about the same as @RP. Take a couple days and wander through the cookbook, and bookmark the "Gamesalad Definitions" page. Then start your self education in a modular manner by trying out small concepts, making a new template for each one. Make each project very simple in the beginning, like "make the actor walk left and right" ... "Make the actor shoot a fireball" ... "make the actor spin to face another actor" ... "make a scrollable background"... (Tons more)

    Trying to create and publish a full game from scratch right when you start will be enough to make you put down Gamesalad for a week at a time... you have to be able to think of it as a toy and not "work" (ok maybe YOU don't...)

    If you want to simply be a publisher and don't care much for creating a game to play the way YOU want it to play, buy a couple templates (make sure they say "Complete Game" or similar) add your art, and try to spread the word about your game so that it can make enough $$ to buy the next template. You may eventually learn enough to create your own games but only if you try, because changing actor graphics in Gamesalad is usually just a matter of naming the image correctly and dropping it into the Images pane (ie, you don't have to look at any code to replace art under most circumstances).

  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,914
    Don't expect big sales for a template reskin. Marketing and selling games is not easy. If you're serious about making games then take the time to study and learn the craft. If you just want to publish a game as kinda bragging rights by recycling a template sure it's possible but don't fool yourself that really isn't being a gamemaker or creator it's being a publisher.
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    Great comments and it made me think.

    I see myself more as a game-music composer (electric guitarist) and just would view my games as a means to share my music :-)

    For complete-game templates - what do I have to keep in mind when using it with the Windows-GameSalad creator ? I heard that there are some issues when using Windows & Game Salad

    Thanks for your help :-)

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