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Exported my Windows game and published it through Mac now things are broken

Goodnight GamesGoodnight Games NYCMember, PRO Posts: 184
I built my game in the Windows creator and I used export and opened it up in the Mac creator.

When I preview the game it's fine with everything where it should be the problem comes when I publish it through the mac creator.

The actors all seem to become entire disjointed, actors aren't where they should be, the art for the actors is resized within the box to smaller than it should be. Is there any way to fix this? Any common causes?


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  • Goodnight GamesGoodnight Games NYCMember, PRO Posts: 184
    I also have some actors with transparent pngs that go entirely opaque white. I tried deleting and replacing the actor but it changed nothing. When I preview these levels everything is white in the background actors.
  • Goodnight GamesGoodnight Games NYCMember, PRO Posts: 184
    It's a fairly big game, I did bring one of the actors back into the game recently and that fixed the problem in the build but in preview everything is white. If that's the case then I suppose I can just work off the builds other than that the build is suffering from exactly how you described.

    I'm assuming the way is redragging the actors in and modifying them?
  • joshiwujoshiwu Member Posts: 207

    @NEONDEVIL BUMP BUMP post this in the pro section of for us all. I'm having these problems with EVERY game I export on windows. transparencies turning opaque, attribute loss and actor reposition DRAMATIcally, or are completely destroying? mouse position recognition off by 100s of pixels. -_- =,(

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