Gamesalad or Stencyl or Construct 2

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I want to go pro but I'm not sure which pro account to get ( Gamesalad , Stencyl or Construct 2 ). I've been playing around with all three for the past year now and even though I've been following the great Gamesalad community more I'm still undecided as to which way to go. I want to be able to publish to IOS, Android, HTML5 (but not limited), desktop ( Mac / PC) and to web like the chrome store . I want to be able to have most of my games free but with ads : Android + Gamesalad + ads = :(
Any help would be great . Thanks and happy gaming


  • caseychourneycaseychourney Member Posts: 7
    And this is the only forum I'm asking the question on , I believe that Gamesalad has the best community going .I just wish we had a better road map. I wish I knew for sure that Gamesalad was getting Joints, universal builds, allowing HTML5 to be ported at full size and Ads for Android. You give me those features and you have a customer for life ( especially Ads for Android) I wish for a Gamesalad Magic 8 Ball .
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    Sadly, these people on the forum are here for a reason: Because thy love GameSalad. I, as most people would say, GameSalad is the best, but that doesn't mean the others are bad. GameSalad make most task fast and simple, while the others are buggy, or some very simple tasks are extensively hard. GS may be the most expensive, but those $300 won't go to waste.
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    Do we know when the survey will be done???
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    At this time with Costructor2 you can not publish for Android or iOs...exist only the Win7 version...
    Stencyl is nice but certainly more complex than GS, and is not very easy to use;
    My personal suggestion is: GS the best!
    i passed pro without hesitation, but I would recommend anyone to try the free version and do a lot of practice (i have been free for four months) but when GS dropped to $299 i switched to pro and i'm very happy with it, GS is fantastic and I hope that in the future will bring us great new features like advertising for Android and more!
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    gamesalad. many bugs were fixed after recent update and the community is great. :)
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    Just as uptimistik said:
    Sigh...unfortunately, this is a decision you'll have to make on your own.
    I use two tools, GS and Stencyl. Can't complain that much about any of the two, both are good tools, so why not use both? You will always find that one tool has a feature that the other doesn't, it's how it goes.

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    Do we know when the survey will be done???
    I was wondering the same myself mate, @SaladStraightShooter have you any idea when we can expect the new road map?

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    I myself am learning unity to be able to create a more robust gaming experience.
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    I've started learning Stencyl. It's not terribly difficult to use either, and seems to be a little more powerful than GS. The downside is that it seems to basically be a very small operation, so I worry about its longevity and ability to keep up long term. There are many advantages that it has over GS right now.

    The best thing would be to try all three tools and see which one suits your needs the best. Different projects may require different tools as well.
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    Hi, any idea about performance diferences?
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    I would of Said Stencyl 6 months ago, but with the Lua Drop coming and it seems GS is really picking things up I think if you're already talented with GS then sticking around would be a good idea. If your games are good they will make you money :)
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    I agree with comments about choosing the tool that suits you but also the features must be relevant to the games you are making.

    I am currently writing a few games that are more appropriately completed in GS due to the tables feature. I'm a fan of both GS & Stencyl but only pro on GS at the moment due to this key feature i.e. tables.

    I'd wait a week or so and see what the new roadmap has to offer as this may help with your decision.


    p.s. I deliberately missed off discussing Construct2 as it is behind its rivals IMHO.

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    Wow !! thanks for all the advise fellow saladheads :)
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    A review from 2011 is largely useless.

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    Ive never been on a free GS account i went straight to pro without even trying it! i just looked at what could be made and went for it! loving it so far, but remember its still beta so you can't expect everything rite away, it will take time, and then, by that time i hope to be very accomplished with this software! as should you!

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    @The_Gamesalad_Guru said:
    I myself am learning unity to be able to create a more robust gaming experience.

    I am with the @The_Gamesalad_Guru on this one.. GS is really fast and cool!!! GS is cool and fast, but you will find yourself waiting for updates that never seem to get here or they are a day late and make you fall a dollar short!

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    @ozboybrian WTF did you just come from? Well,...welcome back!

    On topic.

    GS is a great 2D GDK.

    Unity is probably the next step if you need to go 3D and are cool with script.

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    You must be tired @RP his post was from 2012. Lol

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    If you like make games you have to try Gamesonomy, it's easier and free

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