Actor moving all over the place

Hi All,

Sorry for this noobish question, I have started game salad 2 weeks ago, and cant get to solve this problem.

A) I disabled gravity (both xy with 0 values) and used accelerate (downward) as my temporary gravity. I then use move to (positionmouse x , positionmouse x , I don't want it to move to y) when my actor hits the floor. The actor can walk freely on the floor ( X axis) without problems.

The problem:

I then have a trigger switch, when I click this with my mouse, it replaces the accelerate downward to upward, thus the actor flies up and hits the ceiling. When the actor hits the ceiling, he stays there, this proves that the gravity is upward.

NOW, when I use the "move to" command, the actor sometimes moves x, but sometimes it moves on the Y direction (it seems its floating all over the place). So, how come when my actor hits the floor (affected by downward acceleration) he can walk around x axis only, but when he is affected by the upward acceleration, he moves not only in x axis but also in Y?

Please help!


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