Project suddenly blacked out! HELP

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Hello to GS Community,

I have been working on my project without any troubles until it suddenly blacked out. Once I want to play it on my computer it is just black screen, nothing shows, nothing happens. I have placed everything on one scene and do not really know what is the issue :(

Please someone, who has expertise in that field, help me!

NOTE: I have found that the actor responsible for blacking out the project is PlaceDot.


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    I have an actor called PlaceDots who spawns 4 rows and 9 columns of dots. Initially, the spawn spots were -240, -180, -120, -60, 0, 60, 120, 180, 240 regarding X axis and -120,-60,0,60 regarding Y axis RELATIVE TO ACTOR who is placed in the middle of the screen. It works wonderful that way but I found that the dots are relatively tiny if I want to make it universal for iPad and iPhones thats why I created 160x160 dots (in the project they are 80x80) and imported them (initially they were 100x100 - in project 50x50) and when I changed the spawning spots to -340, -255, -170, -85, 0, 85, 170, 255, 340 regarding X axis and 85, 0, -85, -170 regarding Y axis relative to the spawner who is again centered, it BLACKS out.

    Also, I tried to change the spot of only one dot and it doesn't show the colour, which is quite odd. However, if I spawn them at the initial place the image (colour) is shown.

    I find it extremely strange because I change only the spawning spots and that results in
    1. Not showing the right picture (checked the rules of DOT actor)
    2. Project becomes black once I change the spawning spot of an entire row.

    Any idea why?

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    Hit the refresh button when in preview. it's next to the play button on mac.

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    Thank you for your answer but I am using Windows Creator right now and there is no refresh button, where it is supposed to be. :(

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    Moved the thread to "Working with GS (PC)"

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    After 2 hours of banging my head against the wall, I made it work!

    Moderators can close/delete that thread.

    Thank you

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