State of GameSalad on 4-17-2015

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Hello again all you GameSalad fans! Once again I’ve gathered some info on what we’ve been working / focused on to share with you guys, this time I’ll be doing it a little differently though! I’m going to do a sort of quickie update above the normal state of GameSalad. Enjoy!

Short Version:

We’ve recently put out a new monthly billing release. There has been a minor style refresh to the Featured Games page to bring it more in line with the rest of the website. GameSalad will be participating in the US Department of Education's first annual Games for Learning Summit next week, which was covered by Polygon's Brian Crecente here:

We also took care of the rest of the ARC bugs and have a build in the hands of our QA team currently! We plan to have a new RC build out to you guys Monday that has the increased performance which is great! We're also looking into the memory leaks in Creator.

Standard Version:

  1. Graphene SDK (previously known as “Cross platform Creator”). Check out the comments section of a previous SoGS post to see the most recently shared info! Other than that, there’s been work coming along on Graphene’s website as well as the tool itself. For other previously shared info or to sign up for beta access, refer to this thread:

  2. Release Candidate 0.13.2 for Windows version of GameSalad Creator. Not much new to report on this front since our manpower was moved over to help fix up the ARC bugs as fast as possible (with that being done now, work will be resuming on this front). We still need to fix up the known issues before pushing out a stable build. For the full list of features, known issues, and to report any issues you have using the 0.13.2 RC build head to this thread: To download the release, head here: Note: It is highly recommended that you uninstall any old versions of the Windows Creator Nightly before installing the new one.

  3. Release candidate 0.13.8 for Mac version of GameSalad Creator! We plan to push out this release candidate Monday! Also, a fix was pushed out to our 0.13.7 release candidate that fixes sounds not pausing on hibernate on Kindle and Fire TV devices!

  4. Release 0.14.0 for the Windows version of GameSalad Creator. This will become more of a focus once we get the Mac version moved over to using ARC (planned to be out Monday). This release is planned to be the one that gets Windows version of Creator fully synched up with the Mac version feature wise! This includes all the features we have planned for our 0.14.0 release for Mac as well (see some below)!

  5. Release 0.14.0 for the Mac version of Creator. We plan on pushing out a new nightly build for you guys after we push out the new release candidate (which is planned to go out Monday)! A few features this release will have are AdMob integration, the new rendering engine, and full PlaysTogether support. Check out this thread for more info on release 0.14.0:

  6. New marketplace. Nothing new to report here. Work is still being done on this front and I'll let you guys know when I hear more!

That’s all I have for you guys. More info will be coming your way next week, and let me know what you think of the shorter summed up update idea!


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