Cleaning Generated App Packages -[ 5-minute implementation feature? ]-

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Now that GameSalad is paid-only, no more need for those pesky ads that were formerly in apps published with GS Free! Woohoo!

Woohoo-ish, that is. The assets related to these ads and such still live in our generated binaries. Now that there isn't even the theoretical possible use for them, without a free tier, maybe time to remove them? Pretty please? This adds at least 2MB of trash data to every generated GS game.

There is the icecap_logo, all the MoreGames images, the Images.xcassets folder (and perhaps more we don't know about). I'm pretty sure this falls into the 5-minute implementation category.

There is also an official feature request for this, from more than 9 months ago. It even has 8 votes! OK, so that's not a record-setting number, but it does show that people care, and since it seems like a really straightforward thing, now even more since GS is paid only, perhaps it's possible to look into it? :innocent:

While you are looking into this, there is still the nagging issue of binary sizes in general. Several builds ago, the sizes went from 5-6MB to 13MB+, the exact same project, just a different version of GS. Anything that can be done with that? Thanks!

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  • GeorgeGSGeorgeGS Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 478

    Some of this is in the works (removing unused stuff), it just needs someone to have time to spend on it.

    The binary is larger because 32 bit + 64 bit = 2 copies of the executable bundled together. We may be able to shave a little off that with some different compiler flags, but it's another thing that will take some time to experiment/test. It's pretty easy to flip some switches, but the time to compile all the different versions, compare the sizes, and test to make sure they work adds up.

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    @GeorgeGS said:
    it just needs someone to have time to spend on it.

    Precisely. :lol:

    I know the other thing will probably take more time, especially since 32-bit binaries are still standard on some platforms. But good to know you are aware! Thanks!

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    @pHghost @GeorgeGS also whats up with all the google icon and the chinese stuff

    Fortuna Infortuna Forti Una

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    @Lovejoy said:
    also whats up with all the google icon and the chinese stuff

    Is that an Android build?

    I've never come across these particular images myself. But if they get to removing all extra files, I'm sure these will be included.

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