The publishing flow got a botox injection!

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edited July 2015 in News from the Dev Team

Not quite a full facelift, but publishing flow is now a bit better than it was before.


The first thing you see after publishing will now be an updated "New Games" tab (and no target platforms will be populated by default). This should be a better experience for new users and less clutter for experienced users.


On the home portfolio page, you can now search for games by title and sort the list of games, which should make the most prolific publishers happy.


There's also a new URL: that will let you see all the gameproj files that you successfully uploaded but for some reason did not convert into games (usually either because GameSalad crashed or you were logged in as the wrong person).


I assume @The_Gamesalad_Guru, @Braydon_SFX, @DeepBlueApps will have updated videos shortly hint hint



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