Gamesalad crashes after playing game

So I have become very puzzled (and annoyed) now that my game is almost done, because I've noticed that after playing a level and returning to the menu, the game crashes in both the computer and the phone. I thought perhaps the file had gone corrupt, as this problem had never happened before, so I tried going back to earlier versions and bringing all the new changes with me. This worked, but only for a while, and after a couple of saves the same problem began happening again. So then I tried changing my logic, and I thought I had found the answer when I turned off a rule which made the changing scenes between the levels and the menu work again. However, once again, after a couple of saves the same problem began happening again. So then I thought it could be a memory problem, as the game was about 95 MB in size, so I reduced it to 70 MB by removing some songs, as it used to work just fine when it was that size, but the problem persisted. So then I reduced the size of over half the images in the game, which has still not done anything. I've tried pretty much everything that I can at this point. It doesnt seem to be my logic because this used to work just fine before and now it doesnt, even when I turn off all the new rules. It doesnt seem to be the corrupt file, because I already went back a few versions. It doesnt seem to be the size of the game, because I already reduced it a lot, even to a lower size than before when it used to work, what else can I do? What else are possible explanations for crashes when changing scenes? There is not even much going on with rules when scenes change. I dont want to just leave it like this because I think users will find it pretty annoying that their game crashes when they finish a game and want to play again or go to the main menu. What else should I try???


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