show high score after returning from editor

if in preview, a new high score is attained and saved, then I go back to editor...if I preview the game again, should it show my last high score? Or does GSC reset everything? I've saved it a table and as a attribute, and reloaded table at beginning of game, but shows high score as 0. thanks


  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 5,068
    edited January 2016

    When you exit a Preview, GameSalad resets everything. Think about it like this:

    When you hit Preview, it's like you install the game on your device and then play it.
    When you hit "Restart", it's like you quit the game and then start it again.
    When you exit Preview, it's like you delete the game from your device.

    You can test the saving and loading of high scores by hitting Preview, getting a score, then hitting Restart. But the moment you exit preview that score is gone.

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