Game works in GameSalad, but not online

How do I fix this, when the actor is spawned back in, nothing happens when I click it. In the creating of the game it worked, and still works, but only not online
here a video that shows the problem:


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    There's so much context missing from your question that I can't begin to help you without knowing more.

    It's also a one minute video so you might narrow down the possibilities by letting us know which few seconds contain the problem.

    Imagine that your audience has no idea what you're showing and start from there. For example, what is the actor that is supposed to spawn? What does it look like in the video (or is it not there at all)? What rule(s) are you using to spawn it? What does "it worked" look like on your computer (that is, what is the correct outcome)? What does it "not working" look like online?

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  • dylangilingdylangiling Member Posts: 4

    When I click the pack, a random card should spawn behind the pack, when the pack is clicked, it moves away. This works perfect in the GameSalad app, but when I uploaded it and tried it out, it didn't work online. The 'Back button' should spawn back the pack, and does that, but when I click the pack, the first time it moves and does everything perfect, but the second time, it does nothing. While in the GameSalad app I could do it as much as I want and it works perfectly fine.

  • AlchimiaStudiosAlchimiaStudios Member Posts: 1,069

    So it's only spawning once in html5 but works multiple times in preview? I think that's all I could discern from the video. Probably should post the rules you used and/or a project and a better description of the issue, so we can better help you.

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  • dylangilingdylangiling Member Posts: 4

    In the scene there are 4 actors, a background, a back button, a pack and a card behind the pack.

    When I click the pack it should move away, so you can see the card that is behind the pack, this is done with the rule 'move'.

    I made many rules with attribute. This I have done with the card behind the pack. When the attribute 'Icon Change' (Which I made) was for example 42, it would change the card to image 42. I did this till number 151.

    When I click the pack it would change the attribute 'Icon Change' to a number between 1 and 151. I did this with the rule 'Change Attribute'

    So, when you click the pack it moves away and shows a random card.

    I also added a rule that would spawn in an actor named 'Back Button'. (I'm going to talk about that in a minute.)

    When the pack is moved, it is destroyed 2 seconds after it moved away. I did this with a Timer that has the rule 'destroy' in it.

    That's all about the pack.

    If you click the 'Back Button', which I spawned in by clicking the pack, it spawns the pack back in. So, you can click the pack again and see another card. After clicking the 'Back Button', it destroys.

    So what's the problem?

    When in the GameSalad app (for creating games), when I click preview, everything works.

    But when I uploaded the game, it works, but only once, I can't click the pack that the 'Back Button' spawns in.

  • dylangilingdylangiling Member Posts: 4

    I added a new rule, everything works fine now :smiley:

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