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Checking tables for Values quickly

fmakawafmakawa Member Posts: 559

Hi folks,
So I hit a snag that has left me a little amused and befuddled. So I've been creating a word game and had been using @t-shirtbooth's method of word checking which used a LOT of text attributes for the word list. Now I needed to deviate from his word list mostly because I need a much a bigger one, roughly 5 times the size that he had - the Scrabble SOWPODS list. This meant using a table. Now my problem is, how do I constrain it that whatever I am typing is automatically being looked for in the table and doing it quickly? I tried using string expressions but I think I am mangling them. I am finding that table searches are slower than looking in attributes, significantly so, which os problematic since you want the word to be accepted or denied pretty much instantaneously rather than waiting 5 seconds for it to run the search. Speaking of said tables, should I maintain just one column and an odd 300000 rows or split it into multiple columns- which should reduce search time I think, unless there is an advantage of a single column?
Thanks muchly!


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