The Winner of IMGA China "Best Quickplay Game" is....

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A total of 1300 games were submitted to the 1ST IMGA China and an on line panel of 200 game reviewers selected the 100 nominees. Then, on January 9th and 10th, a panel of jury (20 Chinese and 5 western mobile game experts) got together to play and select the winner: The Winner of "Best Quickplay Game" is Roll Turtle!

Roll Turtle

It's a great honor to receive this award, thank you very much all the judges and friends who like this game. :)
I have been a full time Indie Developer since 2014. I quit my regular job to create "Roll Turtle". At that time my son was born, he gave me the courage and inspiration to create something for him. Special thanks to my wife for her support. I did all the development on Roll Turtle except for the sound design. I never wanted to say that I'm a one man Indie developer, because without my wife and baby, I could never of completed Roll Turtle. (Although my baby frequently climbs on my lap and wants to type on the keyboard... this drives me insane).
As a family, we push Roll Turtle forward, we adventure together, travel together, laugh together, cry together, we setup the monitor together, carry laptop in the rain, we pulled luggage, stroller and equipment in the sun, we participated in Causal Connect Asia 2015, Tokyo Game Show 2015, Taipei Game Show 2016...etc, we've been through all of this together.
Roll Turtle filled me, my wife and baby with love and memories of the past 2 years.
This is my life's most precious treasures, thank you all guys like this treasure.
Thank you Gamesalad forums guys support. :)



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