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How to reject actor??

Anyway, i also have 2 button actors. I want to make my button placed in an area. If i already have my first button placed in the area and if user happen to click the second button, the second button also placed in the area and both button are overlapping. How can i prevent the second button from placed in the area?

the second button only can be placed after i destroy the first button. Please help me!!



    If it's two seperate button actors you could set a rule on the first one to be destroyed on contact with the second button actor.

    rule > when actor overlaps or collides with > actor 2 do: destroy this actor

    Hope this helps

  • SanabyongSanabyong Member Posts: 4

    what i mean is i want to stop actor 2 from collide/overlap with actor 1. Means that if i place actor 1 in a box, then i cant place/overlap actor 2 in the box at the same time. actor 1 will destroy after 4 count in the box.

    So, if actor 1 in the box, when actor 2 clicked, actor 2 stay still. I've tried for 3 days and none is working

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