Actors in order

I need help! I will have 5 actors on the screen. How do I make it so that the user must click the actor in a certain order (set by myself) and If they do not click them in the right order, they lose? Anyway im a newbie so can you guys help me. Thanks in advance


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    Demo. Five buttons. Must be clicked from 1 to 5.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks @Toque it was helpful!

    Anyway, i also have 2 button actors. I want to make my button placed in an area. If i already have my first button placed in the area and if user happen to click the second button, the second button also placed in the area and both button are overlapping. How can i prevent the second button from overlapping in the area?

    the second button only can be placed after i destroy the first button. Please help me!!

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    A bit confusing question. Are you saying a top button and a button under it? So you want to press the top button without the bottom button being triggered?

    When top button is pressed spawn the second button under it. You might need a timer in the second button so it isn't triggered right away.

    Second button. Timer after 1 second

    Then make the second button functional......

    Here is a couple options if I understand question......

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