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Polycolor available on the Appstore!

unbeatenpixelunbeatenpixel Game DeveloperMember, PRO Posts: 534
edited April 2017 in Announce Your Game!

Hi everyone!

I’ve released my latest game Polycolor on the Appstore, I hope you like it.

Polycolor is a marvellous puzzle game about colors that always changes the basic rules of the game to force you to think differently.


  • 72 creative episodes
  • Minimalist user interface, perfect interaction with puzzles
  • Relaxing, peaceful music
  • Exclusive for Appstore

Thank you for your support and I would like to add some color to your life with Polycolor.


Check out my games on the App Store!

Startup Grave / Wordgraphy / Polycolor / 20 Seconds / Minimal Maze / Lokum



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