Question about the work of triggers "Collide" and "Touch" Rules in creator Gamesalad

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Hi all,
I made several options for managing the hero in the project, but with one of there is a problem. In this case, as in the screenshot it ignores the "Collide" rule and moves through the objects. It does not matter if they have physics or not.
How to solve this problem and allow the hero to move while constantly touching him in any direction but limited by objects?

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    Constrain Linear Velocity X . . . to . . . 50*(Mouse X - Self.X )
    Constrain Linear Velocity Y . . . to . . . 50*(Mouse Y - Self.Y )

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822
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    Example file attached:


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    It turns out that the "Collide" does not work if the area of motion is indicated, but if the coordinates of the movement are considered, does it work?
    I repeated on your example, this is what i need.
    Many thanks.

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