How to run a URL video file to start and end automatically.

I have a URL that brings up a video and then I have to click the play button to run it.
How can I make the video file to start and end automatically and go back to the program?


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    hi @helpingtogrow did you find a solution for this question? any best practices around playing video?

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    @helpingtogrow @jorkos Since GameSalad is grabbing video from a URL, playing it inside the embedded browser, and since there are restrictions against autoplaying videos inside the Safari browser I don't think it's doable even with link parameters (?autoplay=1 etc). The best I can do (with limited testing) is to get the video on screen and ready to play. It then requires the user to actually press a button (play or fullscreen) to get the video playing.

    So for example on Vimeo, (might have to be logged into their site) you can click the share button (paper airplane). Tick the autoplay option and then copy the link. You only want the actual URL part with the autoplay parameter. Everything else (iframe code and other parameters) needs to be removed. So your final link in GameSalad will look something like this:

    Make sure you're using https:// for Vimeo and removing that part in the typed link.

    Adding parameters like autoplay likely won't work because the browser will override the video from playing. So normally you would just do:

    For their paid members Vimeo does allow video playing without their on screen controls.

    Safari will still prevent videos from playing that aren't muted but even setting the video to be muted (1=no sound, 0=sound) didn't Satisfy Safari.

    Sorry, can't solve this for ya :neutral: I guess you could edit your Info.plist file adding a Domain Exception of wherever your videos are streaming from. Any web video experts out there?

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    thanks @RowdyPants for a deeper dive, I will test the URL i can generate from my Vimeo Pro account and follow up

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