Upgrading An Actor From another Actor/Button

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Alright So only a few more small kinks to work out in my game...

In my game you buy Actors (Multiples of the same 4 actors) which attack enemies
-So you could have a quantity of 4 "Actor A" and 4 "Actor B"

Right Now I have the function:
When Actor A if < touch is pressed > do < Spawn Actor "Upgrade Button" >

What Im looking to do is:
When Actor "Upgrade Button" < Touch is pressed > do < Change Attribute > Actor A self.attribute.upgrade =1

I cant find a way for one actor to change the attribute to another actor tho…

I have tried making it a global attribute but what happens when I hit the "Upgrade Button" it upgrades EVERY SINGLE "Actor A" on the screen. I'd really prefer it only influence a single "Actor A" instead of "Actor A" as a whole...

I cant think of a way around this dilemma

@tatiang recommendations?


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