Can ChangeTableValue be a formula?

stevent88stevent88 Member, PRO Posts: 2

hi, so to avoid using loads of Game attributes i'm using a miscellaneous table to store various info. One value is the current score, so it starts as 0 and whenever an enemy dies I want a rule within the enemy actor to +1 to the score.

When I used a Game attribute the rule was simple- Change attribute, Score to Score+1

Now with ChangeTableValue, I choose the table, choose the correct row and column number. Then what do I set the Value field to? I thought it would be (tablecellvalue(find the score))+1 but that doesn't work.

I have a display showing the score at all times. If I set it the Score to start out at say 75, it stays on 75 until I kill an enemy, triggering my rule and then it changes the score to 0. If I set the Value in my ChangeTableValue to say 5, the game score starts at 75, then drops to 5 after one enemy is killed and stays there.

So I can make the rule change the score, it just wont let me enter a formula as the Value, is that correct?


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