Google AdMob live adverts not showing up in GameSalad app

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Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with implementing live adverts using Google AdMob. I have recently published a FREE app on the IOS Appstore using the Google Ad-Mob service to produce live advert banners. I have tested this works successfully using the Ad-MOb Test Ad Unit ID recommended by Google Ad-Mob, however the live adverts do not seems to be showing-up, and therefore wondered if anyone else have any suggestions?

I re-released my app again the other day (update available this morning on app-store) using the ‘Build RC’ instead of ‘Generate App’ just to see if that would make any difference given it’s a later GS version, however, once again no adverts showing this morning unless it takes a bit of time to filter updates through (not sure on this).

High-level GameSalad set-up

  1. My free-app uses the 'banner style' ads, which I have tested with AdMob test ID successfully. 
  2. Within GameSalad, Under Services, (AdMob) I have included both the AdMob App ID, and AdMob Banner Ad Unit information, which mirror that in my Google AdMob account.  
  3. I have also ticked ‘Enable Ad Network Attribution’  on GameSalad

Google Ad-Mob Site

  1. I have linked my App to My advert-configuration within Google AdMob Site successfully and checked that the correct Ad IDs have been used, and that it's linked to the correct app in the App-Store.  
  2. Strangely, I can see some user metrics on AdMob Network like user sessions, avg. session duration, active users, etc, but there is no ad-mob performance metrics (match / requests, etc). 

I was also wondering if I need to tick / enable for ‘Allow App To Talk To Any Domain Insecurely”?, although I was of the impression this was not required for Ad-Mob, but would welcome feedback / confirmation if someone knows for sure - especially given my test adverts work through google ad-mob. 

Any feedback would be welcome.

Thank you

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  • bob loblawbob loblaw Posts: 716
    Accepted Answer

    also, did you create a game attribute called privateDataConsentForAds, and set it right?


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 716

    you want to post a link to the app? I'll give it a test and see if anything pops up.

  • RustyRiggs698RustyRiggs698 Member, PRO Posts: 4

    Hi, I am happy with the app.. I've been publishing apps for past 6 years, but mostly paid apps previously once app stoped the own in-build adverts, which made life much easier. It's more about the settings I mentioned above (everything inside the app is fine.. I am confident on that one)...

  • RustyRiggs698RustyRiggs698 Member, PRO Posts: 4

    sorry, my session was lost... I was trying to say.. I am happy with the game salad app itself. I've been developing GS for about six years. It more about understanding the Ad-mob configuration settings outside the app. The GS Tech chaps have already checked my build / settings and confirm all is good, plus my test adverts work absolutely fine.... I plan to see what happens tomorrow, as I released another build that was approved the early hours with some minor tweaks, so lets see what happens .... I presume know-one have experienced this before. It was a lot easier when apple done there own adverts :)

  • adriangomezadriangomez Member, PRO Posts: 272

    I am using ironsource, but when I was using Admob I did not have an issue.

  • RustyRiggs698RustyRiggs698 Member, PRO Posts: 4

    All, Thank you for all the feedback on the above issue. I am pleased to say that everything is now working. There was a problem with my google ad-mob account, which has since been resolved, and adverts have started to filter through this morning... so it looks like everything in my app and GamesSalad build was set-up correctly. Good news :)

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