Anyone ever received a Grant to make a game? ... I just got to the interview stage for one!



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    Good stuff !!! You and your idea obviously impressed them, well deserved. :)

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    All the best, and Good Luck, hope it works out for you.

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    Congrats!!! @StormyStudio‌ :D
    Good luck with it :)

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    WOW! Awesome! Congrats man! :smiley:

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    That great! Congratulations!

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    Congratulations! You're the man. Whatever it is you'll decide on, hope everything falls into place for you.

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    @StormyStudio said:
    Just found out the answer on whether I was successful with the grant :-/

    Thanks again for all the encouragement, it was definitely worth a go.

    and anyway, I learnt alot from the process.. needless to say

    they said...


    Holy mother of fishcakes they said YES!!


    Now I really need to work out if I'm in a position to do it.

    Holy Crabsticks!!


    Not sure if I can.. something to think on, until i receive the contract,

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    Congratulation :)

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    Awesome! Congratulations!

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    @StormyStudio said:

    • What game analytics setup am I using? (This one caught me out a bit, I'd thought about it a little but only as a kind of 'ooh I could do analytics using my server setup' so stumbled through an answer on that).

    If you need to create your own analytics, I'm thinking Piwik might help. I did some basic tracking with Piwik and my GameSalad apps. I haven't played with the new web block features, but it seems like you might be able to do some advanced tracking. I did some basic tracking with Piwik and my GameSalad apps.

    (Yeah, yeah... I hate that GameSalad has Metrics Gathering.
    That doesn't mean I don't know how to do it too.)

    Anyway, I'm glad that you got good news. You've been a great member of this community - hard working, professional and friendly.

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    Congrats @StormyStudio‌ piece of advice, make sure you do the paperwork. Funding often has regular reporting involved to tick boxes and it is easy to forget this part. They like to have evidence the work is being done and the money is acquitted correctly.

  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,989

    Wow! that's a lot of congratulations... Thanks a lot... really cool.. thank you

    I'm still a little surprised to have been successful. It is however really nice to know others (especially successful industry pro's) think the game idea is worth making.

    Still not sure if I'm gonna take them up on the grant as it would mean quitting the day job. The job which pays the mortgage, bills and keeps the kids sorted with the odd bit of plastic 'Disney Frozen' merchandise and Dinosaurs. It's the usual indie dev dilemma...

    The grant would keep us fed and watered for around 3 to 4 months. Which is a great incentive, but longer would obviously be better. With the chance of financial success form the game always being based on a mix of game development skill, game idea, marketing budget and luck it's definitely a gamble, albeit a tempting one.

    Either way I will make the game, it may be quite a bit simpler and smaller if I do it in my spare time but it will get done.

    I'm also really keen to look into developing something 3D for the Oculus Rift (or VR in general). Got a little addicted to reading everything about its development. Plus I've got my own dev kit turning up in September. Seems like now might be the time to jump on board that, rather than waiting for it to go mainstream and be late to the gold rush... (Either that or I just want to play Alien Isolation :-).

    In the mean time, just for fun and completely unrelated here's a vid of my son Dexter I put together last night.. He's finally cracked the strange art of walking.

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    @StormyStudio, very cute video! My son just got his drivers license but it seems like only yesterday he was just learning to walk too! LOL

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    Nice one! Spend your millions wisely :)


  • jay2dxjay2dx Member Posts: 611

    @StormyStudio said:
    Gearing up for the pitch..

    I found out who two of the judges are going to be earlier, and realized I needed to put a bit more effort into my pitch. (founding members of two of the UK/Europes most successful AAA studios). Not sure if my little game will make the cut.

    I've got a PowerPoint presentation setup (I really do detest PowerPoint). I've made 5 nice looking slides in Photoshop, and a couple of video previews. One showing my 2D/3D animation work in general and one showing the development of the game so far.

    Also got a streamlined (non server connected) version of the game running on an ipad.

    Fingers crossed for Thursday

    you should look in to using Prezzi for your presentation instead of power point! good luck though :)

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