Stable release 1.25 is available

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  • Custom fonts - You can now import fonts the same way you import audio and image files. Your imported fonts will show up in the Display Text font list. Old system fonts have been replaced by new ones that we supply. We will replace references to old fonts with our new ones, but you should check any actors that display text to make sure they look ok in your game.
  • Video Reward ads - We now support Chartboost and RevMob video reward ads.
  • Tapdaq - We now support the use of Tapdaq
  • Improved random number generator. Uses a better algorithm than the previous one.
  • New game attribute: Random Seed. For a given seed, a sequence of random numbers will be the same. Leave this attribute at -1 to make the seed random.
New motion and physics attributes:
  • Pin - Set at an actor's Center of Mass, this allows the actor to rotate but not to move (with the exception of the actor colliding with a non-moveable actor, in which case it will move, but try to remain as close to the pin point as possible).
  • Can Sleep - This removes the actor from physics calculations if nothing is happening to it.
  • Better Collisions: results in more accurate collisions, at the expense of more computation power. Check this box if you see your actors interpenetrating or moving through each other when they shouldn't.
  • New behavior: Quit Game. Exits your game. Mainly used for Android to simulate the player hitting the "back" device button. Does nothing on iOS devices.
New loop behavior option:
  • Max loops/frame - Normally, a loop will only run its behaviors once per frame. This allows you to set how many times the loop can run per frame. Be careful not to run loops too often per frame, as you can prevent other behaviors from running. What the best value is will depend on your game.
New animation behavior option:
  • You can give the animate behavior an integer attribute which will contain the current animation frame being displayed. This attribute is optional, and you can leave it blank if you don't want that information.
  • Mac Creator: if a rule has behaviors in the "otherwise" section, the word "otherwise" will be bolded.
New features added to HTML5 and Arcade:
  • Custom collision shapes should now work for HTML5 / Arcade games
  • Music and sound files are now listed alphabetically when being selected from the list provided on a play music / play sound behavior
Ad Network Updates
  • Updated to AdMob iOS SDK version 7.7.0
  • Updated to RevMob SDK version 9.0.8
  • Updated to Chartboost SDK version 6.4.0
  • Removed some old 3rd party plugins that are no longer being used to reduce app sizes

Bug Fixes:

  • 1658 - The list of sounds and music in the PlaySound and PlayMusic behaviors is now sorted alphabetically.
  • 1636 - The angular velocity attribute is stored as degrees rather than radians.
  • 1621 - If an actor is set to tile and the tile width or height is 0 it could cause visual issues or a crash in preview, in the viewer, or * on a device. In this case the tile width/height are reset to the actor width/height when the project is loaded for preview, the viewer, or on a device so the user can see the issue and correct it in their project.
  • 1602 - Display text not updating when table cell value changes
  • 1499 - (Windows) Pressing reset button in native preview doesn’t reset game attributes
  • 1618 - Chartboost ads need to be set as portrait and landscape to show up
  • 1434 - AdMob banners display on all scenes once called
  • 1363 - RevMob banners, when tapped, cause iOS apps to freeze upon returning
  • 1242 - Free Trial accounts do not have Enable Advertisement checkboxes for Reset Scene and Reset Game
  • 462 - Game Center alert in the viewer is off alignment in iOS8&9 making game unplayable
  • 599 - ChartBoost ads do not pause app
  • 1666 - The function "textReplaceAll" is spelled incorrectly on the Windows version
  • 1600 - Random stuttering
  • 1545 - self.Time does not count properly

Other info:

  • We noticed that larger GameSalad projects won’t successfully load on the iOS Viewer. This is due to the devices closing the project since they think it’s an inactive app if it loads for more than 10 seconds. To work around this issue you can ad hoc test your game or manually install the iOS Viewer and run it through Xcode, as it will not close under those conditions.
  • Custom collision shapes and various other new features may not work as intended for HTML5 games. We are working on fixes and will patch these issues when we have fixes available.


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