**Want To Get Your Game/s In a New Magazine?***

FallacyStudiosFallacyStudios Member Posts: 970
Hey all,

A brand new magazine is in the works and is projected to be released around July. We are looking for good games to be written about in the articles and review sections so I thought I would post this here to help you guys get your games out there. If you feel you have a good game or maybe a bunch of games that you think are really good feel free to post them on this thread or message me them and we will be going through and selecting the best in their categories or types. This is not limited to games only and can include apps. I am not asking you to pay anything just post the games / apps you want checked out.

There will be featured games and apps that are guarenteed to get in the magazine and if you are interested in having one of yours be a featured you will have to message me directly because I don't think I'm allowed to discuss further in posts.

Thanks all and I look forward to taking a look at your games / apps! Hope to see it on the first issue!

Side Note: If you would be interested in writing articles about games or even just reviews feel free to message me as well and we can discuss that further too.

Anyone that is going to send a message please post here saying that you did. I check this more often than the messages so I will know to take a look.


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