I need helps in the levels

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Guys i have a problem, i'm building a Platformer game but when i go to the other scene for the level two i Get all stars i finish
the level and it says i didint get stars and doesnt unlock lvl 3 HELP It stays like this when i finish the level http://gyazo.com/ce9500a7cb0fc5315eb58f5ad3c97bdc Theres a problem that i copy the first level then paste it and Change to 1-2 and still doesn't work the stars and doesn't unlock next level here is another pic of the behaviors of the Lvl square http://gyazo.com/40955a06e7990384d391b9a5ed821ce6 and http://gyazo.com/e43da672173762fe883ea9777b808a40 and the last
http://gyazo.com/beb3625a761b6c20d1df197492868cab HELP PLX :cry:


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