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State of GameSalad on 2-6-2015

ForumNinjaForumNinja Posts: 543Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

Hello again all you GameSalad fans! I’ve gathered some info to share with you guys, enjoy!

  1. Graphene SDK (previously known as “Cross platform Creator”). More info will be shared with this topic from CodeWizard periodically. Speaking of which, he posted: “Our ability to iterate on Graphene is much improved over GameSalad. Changes are easier to make and releases can be very rapid. So, even with beta, we'll be responding to issues in days vs. weeks.” as well as a little more info in the following thread For even more info or to sign up for beta access, refer to this thread:

  2. Release 12 for the Windows version of GameSalad Creator. We’re still working hard on getting the Windows version of Creator up to date with the Mac version. More work has been done here adding the showing of scenes along the bottom of the native preview!

  3. Release 0.13.0. for the Mac version of Creator. Work is coming along on this as we’re working to fix the bugs that you guys have found using the release candidates and nightly builds. Once we have the bugs worked out enough we’ll push out a stable release for everyone!

  4. New Stable Release for the Mac version of Creator! We’ve recently put out a stable build (release 0.12.20).This includes 64-bit support for iOS apps. Feel free to grab a version of it here and check out this thread for more info and to report any issues you may find using the new stable release:

  5. Nightly build for the Windows version of Creator. We are currently working towards fixing the known issues in the Windows nightly build. For more info and to let us know of any issues you’re having with the Windows nightly build, check out the following thread: and get the build here:

  6. Updated roadmap. I made some edits to the roadmap yesterday and want to make a few more changes before I post it up for you guys!

  7. New marketplace. We’ve run into a couple issues on this front that need to be taken care of before we can get it in into testers’ hands.

That’s all I have for you guys. More coming your way next week!


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