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Hello everyone! Although I am very far from being able to have my game in my hands, I am trying to understand in advance how to make my game universal, I have seen some video tutorials, and in each I see that in the creator you can select "overscan stretch letterbox" to have the preview of what will be on the device.
Now my problem is that I don't have these options in my creator, it's build 1.25.62 and I use windows. why?
I tried to use the viewer on the smartphone but it only opens the small templates and after a few seconds they freeze I have a galaxy s8.
With the trial version I was able to create an apk and see that everything worked and how it is displayed, but with the basic account I see that it is not possible to create even the apk with the gamesalad logo.
is my build old?
ps if I did the basic annual version and after a few months I wanted to switch to the pro would it be possible by paying only the difference or should I wait for the end of the year? thanks to whoever will answer!


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    if the pc version of creator is like the mac, then the options for overscan, letterbox and stretch should appear when you select a target preview device different to what your project is built on. when you publish your project, those options will be available on the gs publishing page for your project.

    as an fyi, in case you don’t already know, if you’re using overscan or stretch you need to make adjustments to your project display for it to display properly (not sure about letterbox as i don’t bother with it).

    building on ipad, and using stretch for universal builds is what i think works best. to get stretch working you only need one actor on each scene to adjust the camera size (and position depending on what you want your game to do). i left a demo in another thread about a month ago (i think was titled something about aspect ratio) that you’re more than welcome to use.

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    I thank you for the answer, the problem is this, I started creating a game in ipad landscape, when I select iphone or other devices that option does not appear, not even with the refresh.
    My fear is that this option does not exist for windows, and this would make my job very difficult, almost impossible, it seems strange to me that there is no such option.
    With the trial version I had time to use a template published by the user pHghost, I saw that on the phone the game kept the right proportions and height, but on the right you could see an extra portion of the screen and I wanted to understand if it was unavoidable.
    I'm looking at your project but I find it more difficult to understand I see that some parts of the code are not compiled, anyway thank you for showing me

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    @bob loblaw said:

    hello brother I don't know what bummer means but i understand that there is no need for the option (I edited to not confuse anyone)

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    :) bummer = no good.

    australian slang

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