GameSalad Game Highlights (2016)

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As the year come to a close, its important to look back at all the creations made. There were so many games that not all could be listed. Links have been included for all games. Below is some of biggest highlights of 2016 (Unofficial list).

  • Game of the Year

    From the initial tease in June 2014, Turtle Role was the most followed game from the Community. The game has won several awards and featured several times on the Apple Appstore. Developer @kirafu has really highlighted the highs and lows of being a full time developer and just how powerful GameSalad can be.

  • Games of the Months

    Nearly each month, a panel of community members dedicated their time to vote on a submitted games for the most creative, innovative or fun game. The winner would be crowned winner of that month. The following is a list of the months that were awarded. Congrats to all winners. Amazing wide variety of games.

    (February) Game of the Month
    Creepy - by @BigDave

    (March) Game of the Month
    Crazy Comets - by @Sanxion Digital Ltd

    (April) Game of the Month
    Unia - by @mertti

    (May) Game of the Month
    Roll Turtle - by @kirafu

    (June) Game of the Month
    Super Street Striker - by @skott

    (September) Game of the Month
    Muno Defense - by @jasonnowak

  • Developer Highlight
    In any community, there are always a few select developers who always seem to make amazing games. Sometimes this games go un-notice. This section is some of the favourite GameSalad developers of 2016 in no particular order.


    The creator of Machine Gun Hero, came out with some cool games this year. Known for his unique style and care to details and originality, 2016 was filled with solid releases. Its always an joy to find out about new releases. These included Blastemvania, Pocket Cowboy and Battery Licker.


    If there is any a developer who is keen to tackle GameSalad's logic, its this developer. Attracting the community's attention with a strategy/aracade game Color Hexes a few months ago. However, 2016 also saw the release of Blindway. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases, some very cool ideas are in the works.


    Featured by Apple numerous times this year, looking at the line up of games, its not hard to see why. The year started with the release of Minimal Maze, a beautiful minimalistic game. Followed up with 20 Seconds - A word Game. If looking for inspiration, this one developer to follow.


    Carter is always releasing high quality puzzle games, and 2016 was no different with one big Line up. Ricochet Theory 2, Master Run, Bottle Flip, Drop Theory and Super Ricochet. Keep up the great work and look forward to your return.


    Dave has been a rising star that put his name on the map with Three Points. This year, not only did he create new games, he also shared his experiences, his stats and lessons, so the community could learn with him. This year was definitely the year of updates for his games. These include: Creepy, Pixel Mage and Finger Dungeon.


    Its been a fantastic year for GameSalad Games. A big congrats to each and everyone who has released a game this year, whether it be your first or your hundredth. It is always inspiring and a great pleasure to get to be part of your creativity. Lastly, happy holidays and all the best for the next year of development.




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